Reviews & Results of Quit Nutrition

Quit Co. has not yet conducted any studies of Quit Nutrition. There are a number of testers that always use the product for an extended period of time, and provide feed back and reviews, to ensure the product meets standards before being launched.

However, there are some studies and information that can be cited to show the importance of nutrition in a smokers health and quitting smoking.

The healthy smoker book cover

The Healthy Smoker: How To Quit Smoking by Becoming Healthier First

The Healthy Smoker Approach Enumerable studies suggest that quitting a habit cold turkey is extremely difficult and the chance for relapse is significant. With The Healthy Smoker approach, the detoxifcation, healthy diet, slow introduction of excerise, alternative therapies, and internet forum support, the opportunity for success multiplies.

The smoker is not asked, or expected to quit until their body no longer needs the nicotine, the mind no longer wants to smoke, and their new found attitude toward their life is one of health progression.

It is this unique approach of becoming healthier before quitting which makes this book and program the most complete available! The Healthy Smoker delivers a truly novel way to overcome one of the most common and powerful addictions today.

Complete Herbal Guide Review

The Complete Herbal Guide Quit Nutrition ReviewWhat our reviewer thought:

We gave this product to a smoker who is in the process of quitting. First, they used Quit Tea.  Quit Tea has helped her by reducing her urge to want to smoke.  She has been smoking a long time.

She said that when she started using Quit Nutrition she felt more energetic and focused.   She also said that her skin was more radiant and smoother.  She was very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to others.  It came quickly and it was packaged well.

QUIT NUTRITION: An Effective Natural Way to Replenish the Body with Key Nutrients Robbed from Cigarette Smoking

Research Behind Quit Nutrition

There has been much research into nutrition for smokers. You can learn more about how these vitamins, minerals, and herbs, help.


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