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Ceasing the use of tobacco is the #1 thing anyone can do to improve their health. However, there are many ways to supplement nutrition and improve overall health, which eventually make it easier to quit smoking. Supplementing a healthy diet with extra vitamins and detoxification are both important in preventing disease, reducing stress, and stimulating the body’s own natural cleansing process.

Quit Nutrition is a multivitamin that is intended to specifically supplement the nutritional deficiencies typically found in smokers.  It has extra antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as extra vitamin D, and lots of B vitamins for energy.  Quit Nutrition also contains a high dose of CoQ10, an enzyme found in every cell of the body that is needed for energy production.  It also has adaptogenic herbs, maca, and eluthero, and many other important ingredients for overall health.


How Smoking Harms Health

Lung CancerSmoking introduces tar into the lungs, and and toxins into the bloodstream, that cause a laundry list of serious illnesses. Cigarette smoke contains a number of poisons and toxins, such as carbon monoxide, cadium, arsenic, cyanide, benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and many more. Even nicotine is a poison, used as an insecticide in high concentrations.

The body has to work overtime to counteract all of these negative effect of tobacco, and consequently overall health declines. These harmful chemicals cause damage to tissues and cells in the body. Increased cellular damage requires that the body use up any reserves of vitamins and minerals to repair itself, leaving little leftover for normal health maintenance.

Quit Nutrition Bottle with CapsulesProper Nutrition

Thankfully, it is possible to at least neutralize some of the negative health effects through proper nutrition, and even reverse some of the damage. Vitamins A, C, D, and E, are found in fruits and vegetables but should also be heavily supplemented to help improve the body’s response to damaged cells. Diseases happens because the body is not properly repairing damaged tissues, or is not able to keep up with the damage being done. For many reasons, but one in particular, human cells sometimes change and begin to grow rapidly. If the immune system cannot recognize and destroy the mutated cells before they start to multiply, this is when cancer develops.

Alternative MedicineVitamins and Minerals

There are many excellent multivitamins and herbal supplements that can help smokers improve their health, and begin to feel better. Health supplements will also make it easier to quit smoking when the time comes. They will also be part of a smoking cessation plan, and help improve health after quitting.

Quit Nutrition Ingredients

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